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I always felt as though, 'If nothing else, I have a successful marriage.'
Willie Aames
I wanted my marriage to work, but it didn't.
Diane Abbott
I think that marriage is, dare I say it, between a man and a woman, hopefully for life and there are all sorts of other relationships which should be acknowledged and recognised, but I don't know that they can be recognised as marriage.
Tony Abbott
I have close family members as well as lots of close friends who are gay. Many of them strongly support gay marriage.
Tony Abbott
Marriage, in life, is like a duel in the midst of a battle.
Edmond About
My mother and father had a terrible marriage. They celebrated their wedding anniversary one year with their friends. Why did they celebrate? Maybe because they had lasted so many years without killing each other.
Marina Abramovic
The debate over same sex 'marriage' has engaged the heartfelt feelings and convictions of millions of Americans.
Elliott Abrams
It's risky in a marriage for a man to come home too late, but it can sometimes pose an even greater risk if he comes home too early.
Marcel Achard
I like getting married, but I don't like being married.
Don Adams
Accident counts for as much in companionship as in marriage.
Henry Adams
A psychiatrist asks a lot of expensive questions your wife asks for nothing.
Joey Adams
Marriage is give and take. You'd better give it to her or she'll take it anyway.
Joey Adams
I routinely never discuss my marriage. It's nice to have things in my life that are totally mine.
Ryan Adams
I was sent to a nice Church of England girls' school and at that time, after university, a woman was expected to become a teacher, a nurse or a missionary - prior to marriage.
Kate Adie
I am fairly classless because it is very difficult to class someone who comes from a mixed marriage.
Sade Adu
Marriage hasn't been my thing. But gay people, knock yourselves out!
Ben Affleck
When you're unhappy in your marriage, your children are the ones who suffer.
Christina Aguilera
I oppose any attempt to grant homosexual unions the same legal privileges that civil government affords to traditional marriage and family life.
Todd Akin
I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus until I met my nanny, who helped me through a failing marriage and raising my two boys in a New York City apartment. She showed me by example what it was like to be able to talk to Jesus and bring all my cares and worries to Him. That was in 1990.
Kim Alexis
I myself got married at a very young age. It has always intrigued me because marriage is very synthetic in an otherwise natural world.
Imtiaz Ali
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