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Society is like a stew. If you don't stir it up every once in a while then a layer of scum floats to the top.
Edward Abbey
I think the most important thing journalism taught me is to mine for details. The details are key. You can't try to be funny or strange or poignant; you have to let the details be funny or strange or poignant for you.
Karen Abbott
I like kissing people because it's funny.
Casey Abrams
It's funny being the big news every day - and the good news every day.
Charlie Adam
When I was younger, my sister thought it was funny to pretend to punch me in the face because my mom was concerned about my teeth falling out. They were loose for a long time, and she knocked out my teeth.
Amy Adams
I think the kick to doing comedy is just to get in a film with really funny people and let them do their jobs. I find that in most comedies, I'm not the funny one, which works out great.
Amy Adams
I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
Douglas Adams
I'm spending a year dead for tax reasons.
Douglas Adams
It's funny, as a little kid, you look up to those guys who you play as in 'Madden,' and now to see myself in the game, it's an honor.
Gaines Adams
Do not worry about avoiding temptation. As you grow older it will avoid you.
Joey Adams
The last person they expected to connect with a screenplay was the comedic, blonde actress with the funny voice.
Joey Lauren Adams
It's funny because a lot of people that know me as a dancer, don't know that I'm a singer, and a lot of people that know I can sing don't know I can dance. And so, I feel like at some point I have to show them both and really be able to display it and showcase it, and put that out there.
Naima Adedapo
Best fight ever in a movie: 'They Live.' I want to do a martial arts version of that, where you think it's ended, and it just keeps on going. I love that fight. It was funny as well. Unexpected.
Scott Adkins
I try to play serious scenes a little funny and the comedy a little serious.
Uzo Aduba
People were stopping me on the street to say, 'Oh my God, it's Crazy Eyes!' Which is kind of a funny thing to have people shout at you on the street.
Uzo Aduba
If I can't see the humor in it, how am I going to be funny?
Casey Affleck
I think David Letterman is a genius. Night after night he is funny and smart. He seems to really enjoy his jokes. They seem connected to who he really is. I like watching him, and there is no one better at turning an awkward moment into something very funny.
Casey Affleck
What I fell in love with as a child was 'My Fair Lady,' 'Funny Face,' 'American in Paris,' and 'Singin' in the Rain.' Just perfect movies to me and I was dancing. I started ballet when I was three. And I fell in love with those movies and fell in love with Audrey Hepburn and Leslie Caron.
Dianna Agron
So, where's the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?
Christina Aguilera
I would love to write a mystery - a romantic, funny mystery.
Cecelia Ahern
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