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Normality is death.
Theodor Adorno
Only a humanity to whom death has become as indifferent as its members, that has itself died, can inflict it administratively on innumerable people.
Theodor Adorno
Death is imposed only on creatures, not their creations, and has therefore always appeared in art in a broken form: as allegory.
Theodor W. Adorno
Of all the gods only death does not desire gifts.
Death is softer by far than tyranny.
Death is easier than a wretched life; and better never to have born than to live and fare badly.
For children preserve the fame of a man after his death.
I have friends who remember seeing fish hauled onto a boat's deck and beaten to death.
Casey Affleck
Death can't be so bad if mom went through it. It makes it easier for the child to follow.
Danny Aiello
It was a time when only the dead smiled, happy in their peace.
Anna Akhmatova
All has been looted, betrayed, sold; black death's wing flashed ahead.
Anna Akhmatova
Who will grieve for this woman? Does she not seem too insignificant for our concern? Yet in my heart I never will deny her, Who suffered death because she chose to turn.
Anna Akhmatova
I would lying if I said I would laugh in the face of death.
Mitch Albom
I understand what happens to the brain when people are near death, and I had always believed there were good scientific explanations for the heavenly out-of-body journeys described by those who narrowly escaped death.
Eben Alexander
The white sail of his soul has rounded the promontory - death.
William Alexander
I have had to pay a price for leaving Islam and for speaking out. I have to pay for round-the-clock security because of the death threats against me.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
People ask me if I have some kind of death wish, to keep saying the things I do. The answer is no: I would like to keep living. However, some things must be said, and there are times when silence becomes an accomplice to injustice.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Even with protection, even with death threats, I can publish, I can travel and I can live the life that I want and not the one my parents want or some imam somewhere thinks I should live.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
My dad is an excellent grandfather. He loves kids. He loves to kiss them to death.
Laila Ali
Once you accept your own death, all of a sudden you're free to live. You no longer care about your reputation. You no longer care except so far as your life can be used tactically to promote a cause you believe in.
Saul Alinsky
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